Educational Programs

Arts Workforce Development & College Readiness Partnerships

The Education Foundation believes that offering opportunities to learn about education and occupation is vital to students and employers in our region. We believe that a focus on both new and traditional occupations is necessary for the future health and growth of our regional economy. Raising awareness of career paths in the following areas will allow students to merge their talent with their passion, becoming vibrant contributors to our social and economic systems:

STEM Science

Fine and Performing Arts

Professional Trades and Industrial

In alignment with our mission, The Education Foundation is proud to announce new flagship initiatives:

The Arts Workforce Development & College Readiness Partnership:

The Foundation strongly believes that through direct engagement with employer-partners, local municipalities, thought leaders and prospective students, an infrastructure can be built that will facilitate a pipeline of talent, reinforcing the social and economic value of the arts in our communities and country.

The Arts Workforce Development Partnership Program:

Project Goals:

Target specific markets using educational and labor projections to facilitate the training of employees with 21st century digital skills in fashion, design and culinary arts.
Connect graduates with high-quality employers to fill jobs and bridge the gap between career opportunity in the arts and those desirous of these careers.

Strategy & Tactics:

Analysis of Local Talent Needs: The aggregation of labor data and employer-identified needs will develop a blueprint for both employee engagement and identification of new skillsets required by existing employees.

Delivering Solutions to Skill Gaps: Efforts will be made to Identify programmatic investments that can expand access to education and re-training to support development of high-demand skills for targeted populations.

Partnerships with Local, Regional and National Employers: Work with existing labor partners and develop new relationships to align arts-driven curricula with employees who possess employer-identified skillsets.

The Arts College Readiness Partnership:

Project Goals:

Create a seminar series in support of Creative Careers via celebrity engagement. This will communicate the value of a career in the arts and expose students to additional opportunities in their field of study.
Identify high-potential students and provide them with the information, access, and resources – including scholarships – to pursue Creative Careers in areas of high demand

Strategy & Tactics:

Ambassadorial Programs: Establishment of the “Creative Career Campaign” (C3) where celebrities in the arts engage with high school students to communicate their success stories, expose them to alternative career options in their field of study, and highlight the importance of education in building a lasting career in creative fields

After School Arts: Identify and establish programmatic opportunities that can expand access to education and training to support development of high-demand skills in the arts

Procurement and Organization of Stakeholders: The linking of Foundation employer partners, support programs, and prospective students / employees with one another.

Student Support Services: Comprehensive support services, including career counseling, financial aid assistance and other services

We are establishing program relationships with organizations such as:

  • Energy Innovation Center
  • Building Bridges – “U Can B”
  • Junior Achievement

These programs will cover such things as:

A. Enhanced programs at middle and high school curriculums covering:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Trades and Careers in the Trades
  • Website design and SEO
  • Careers in IT and Web Design
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • Film, Television, and News Media
  • Green and Sustainable Practices and Careers
  • Veterinarian Study and Animal Related Careers
  • Healthcare and Careers in Healthcare
  • Government and Politics
  • U can B – Career Preparation and Networking
  • U can B – Soft skills and Leadership

B. Training programs such as:

  • Train and place students into the Building Trades (18 Building Trades). This is designed for underemployed and unemployed persons seeking full time, sustainable wage employment.
  • Camps (science, computer, STEM career exploration)
  • Citizens Science Lab camps

C. Other potential programs:

  • “Coffee With…” videos and in person interactive discussions are used to educate students on their purpose, passion and career options.
  • Job Fairs - for students to connect with vital business resources