How to Fundraise for The Education Foundation?


The Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. The Education Foundation works with institutions and individuals to raise money, in part, for their scholarship program and assist them in awarding scholarships or grants to students currently enrolled.

The Education Foundation was created in 1999 and is committed to promoting research and study in the field of professional education and providing scholarships and other grants to deserving students or organizations engaged in education.

Policy Summary Statement:

To provide direction to institutions regarding the fundraising, funds management, and the student scholarship application process and selection as well as the distribution of Education Foundation scholarships to student honorees.

Fundraising Procedure:

The Education Foundation will work with any institution or individual to provide guidance and assistance in creating fundraising activities upon request.  Guidance/assistance can be in the form of suggested activities, access to credit card processing, event page creation, approved use of The Education Foundation logo on advertising materials, and other activities as may be helpful.  All advertising of fundraising must indicate that the purpose is in support of The Education Foundation’s mission.

The Education Foundation accepts donations of any amount to support its broader mission.  It will accept donations in excess of $5,000 with naming rights and/or restrictions. All funds received, either by check, wire or ACH, must be made payable to "The Education Foundation".

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Donors/Sponsors
  • Golf Outings
  • Cultural Events
  • Health & Wellness Fair
  • Book sale
  • Computer sale
  • Annual Events
  • Work with sponsors and hold an event
  • Walk-A-Thon
  • Haunted House
  • Holiday Bazaar
  • Dress Down Day
  • Taste of [your city]
  • Receptions at interesting location(s)
  • Cocktail hour with potential donors
  • Festival showcasing student work
  • Culinary Events
  • Hall of Fame
  • Auction/Silent Auction
  • Culinary Cook-off
  • Reception prior to a larger event
  • Music Festival
  • Talent Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Alumni Night
  • 5K Event
  • Scholarship Awards Ceremony & Gala Event Honoring Donors


Once The Education Foundation receives a donation, it will return to the donor a thank you letter confirming their donation amount and its use to the broader mission, unless over $5,000, in which case the letter will detail any restrictions that apply.